August 5, 2019
Aristi Supports Janusa Security Services Well-being with E-Koperasi

To increase the well-being of Security Services (Satpam), PT Anabatic Technologies, through its subsidiary, PT Aristi Jasadata decided to cooperate with a security service provider, Jaga Nusantara Satu (Janusa) as the means to increase the well-being of security services via Cooperation (Koperasi) Application.

Janusa E-Koperasi (, is the first android-based cooperation which includes security services, police units, and other security forces as its members. Janusa E-Koperasi is supported by financial/banking transaction-based application system from Aristi Jasadata, Coincore that enables users to access various needs of transactions. Banking process in the palm of your hand. Cooperation surely will be a perfect container to bring prosperity for security services.